Middle-aged man ‘keeping the dream alive’ by DJing friend’s wedding

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Simon Williams, a middle-aged IT professional from Brighton has claimed that he is still ‘keeping the dream alive’ after DJing at a friend’s wedding.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ve got a career in IT and it’s a good one,” he said, convincingly.

“But after DJing for Anais and Hugo, it’s made me think that perhaps I could still make a go of it. I mean, I’m only 47, Paul Oakenfold’s got to be older than that.”

Mr Williams’ peppered his conversation with words like ‘set,’ ‘beats’ and ‘dropped’ which only served to increase his credibility as a potential DJ.

“It was only an hour-long set, but I managed to lay down some serious beats that got the whole crowd up, and they went really nuts when I dropped ‘Everybody’s Free’ by Rozilla.

“I’m not sure that everyone got that Rozilla was ironic, but those who did looked at me as if to say – ‘Yeah, nice one’.”

Mr Williams intends to spend time on his commute into London googling ‘professional decks,’ and is considering asking work if they’ll let him change his hours to accommodate any DJ ‘gigs’ he may get.

In a firm statement of intent he has already changed his Facebook profile picture to a twelve inch record with a white label.