Sex worker shamed by relationship with ‘politician’

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Sex worker Sharon Williams has admitted she was ‘mortified’ when she discovered the man she’d met online was actually ‘politician’ John Whittingdale.

News broke last night that Williams had a 6-month relationship with the MP, though she claims not to have known he was a politician until confronted by reporters.

She told us, “It’s embarrassing, of course – no-one wants to be publicly shamed like this because they got involved with the wrong man.

“Each time I gave him my invoice, he kept saying he’d try to put it on his parliamentary expenses – though at the time I thought he was joking, what with them all being arseholes and that.

“But then he finally admitted he really was a politician, which maybe I could have lived with, until he said he was one of those sick ones that’s really sadistic things like inflicting pain and suffering on others, a ‘Tory’ I think he called it.

“I ended it there and then, and even now when I look back on the time we spent together it makes me sad to think of all the other people he was fucking at the same time.

“But this all happened quite a while ago, and I thought I’d put the whole sorry episode behind me until yesterday. This has brought it all flooding back.”

Her pimp ‘Jerry’ said Ms Williams “is a single woman entitled to a private life” and that she still had the full confidence of everyone else in the brothel.

Jerry concluded, “They both got paid to fuck people, but unlike Whittingdale, at least the people she fucked definitely asked it.”