Duchess of Cambridge chooses India trip to reveal her cloven hooves

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The Duchess of Cambridge, currently visiting India and Bhutan with Prince William, slipped off her shoes during a visit to the Ghandi Smiriti museum and revealed a set of hairy, horned, cloven hooves.

The hooves were un-pedicured and showed no signs of nail polish as the Duchess is known to favour a natural look.

The fashion world was abuzz at the hooves.

“Simply sensational,” said fashion blogger Eleanor Gay.

“To flaunt one’s hooves is daring and thrilling, other horned ladies like Samantha Cameron, Sharon Osbourne and everyone who works for Femail should take note.”

However, experts have warned that there might be signs of hoof abscess, a painful condition that can afflict all hooved creatures.

“I can’t be certain,” said hoof expert Simon Williams.

“But my advice to the Duchess would be to seek expert help, there is a discolouration there that could indicate a hoof abscess, and if she doesn’t have her hoof drained then she could become lame.”

The Queen is said to be livid at such a breach in hoof protocol, particularly after having such problems with Sarah Ferguson and her hooves in the nineties.

It is understood that cloven hooves could now become this summer’s hot fashion look, with cosmetic hoof surgery being offered to the wealthy, and Miss Selfridge offering a range of false hooves at high street prices.