Aston Villa release 19-second long season highlights DVD

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Aston Villa have released an unexpectedly lengthy DVD of 2015-16 seasons highlights today.

The film clocks in at an impressive 19 seconds, which about as long as Villa stayed in contention for the FA Cup.

Villa fan Simon Williams bought the DVD on day of release and said he was ‘delighted’ with his purchase, as it contained far more material than he expected.

“It opens with Chairman Steve Hollis  saying ‘Welcome to the Aston Villa 2015-16 season highl-‘ before there’s a scraping noise like someone dragging a needle over a record and it cuts to static.

“Fantastic. I wish our season had opened that well.

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“I sat and watched a full ninety minutes of grey, crackling screen. It really was all the best bits of our season.

“The DVD extras included a ten minute shot of a Balti pie, who was the star performer this season, definitely.”

Fans are encouraged to buy the DVD as when they’re done watching it can be used as a drinks coaster, which as Villa fans they’ll be needing quite a lot of.