Yorkshire wins the Masters

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Yorkshire is this morning ‘celebrating’ after adding the Masters to its list of sporting titles.

Yorkshire had already won Olympic gold medals, boxing world titles and the football World Cup, but so far golf’s major championships had eluded God’s own county.

Yorkshire said, “It’s alright I suppose.

“Though Augusta is very muggy this time of year, and I could have done without all that television fuss to be honest.

“There’s no way I could wear this jacket outside back home, it’d offer no protection at all. I bet it’s not even waterproof.

“I just want to get home, have a nice cuppa and put that green jacket in the cupboard next to all the rest of my sporting achievements.

“It takes up a lot of room though, I don’t know why you can’t just have a nice medal you put in the drawer with the socks.”

Yorkshire is now expected to lead the charge at this year’s Ryder Cup, but only if the team changes its name to Europe and Yorkshire.