Jeremy Corbyn releases tax return carved into 9ft block of stone

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Jeremy Corbyn has released his tax return carved into a 9ft tall block of limestone today.

It is understood that advisors told him doing so would be a great way to connect with voters by showing how seriously he is taking the issue.

The stone, which weighs two tons, will stand in the garden of No. 10 when he becomes Prime Minister and he will look at it ‘every day’, it was confirmed in a charming display of optimism.

“Just because this didn’t work last time is no reason not to do it again,” we were told in a statement which was unclear if it referred to the rock, or Labour policy generally.

“The voters just didn’t get it when we did this before, but we confident they will definitely get it this time.”

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Critics have already leapt on Corbyn’s tax return, highlighting his failure to properly declare the gift of a Mars Bar to fellow MP Diane Abbott.

Labour have confirmed that if Corbyn somehow does not become prime minister the rock will be placed in storage ‘along with all the others’.