Prime Minister accuses protesters of not respecting his Safe Space

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The Prime Minister has accused protesters of violating his Safe Space yesterday.

Government Ministers have asked that when people shout ‘Tory Scum’, they preface it with ‘Trigger Warning’ so they know what follows may be offensive or upsetting and give them time to prepare.

The idea of Safe Space is that it allows a tolerant and inclusive atmosphere to people of all beliefs, and the Prime Minister said he felt threatened and violated by protesters who expressed ideas he doesn’t agree with.

Members of middle class guilt projection group Class War were accused of using ‘hurtful language’ and deliberately marginalising groups they disagree with, with contravenes the governments’ Safe Space policy.

Some protesters carried ‘All rich people must die’ banners, which many found hurtful as their ancestors had indeed died at some point.

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“There’s a time and a place for debate, but some ideas simply have no part in civilised conversation,” a government spokesman told us.

“It’s perfectly legitimate to ‘no platform’ groups who persist in using hurtful language to express ideas we find uncomfortable.

“Such as calling us Tory Scum, for example”.

Ministers have said that Toryphobic hate speech does not have some sort of automatic right to be heard, and if university campuses can ban people from saying things they disagree with then they can pull that same shit too.

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