Man brings cake into office to celebrate World Health Day

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Office worker Simon Williams has brought a giant chocolate cake into the office in order to celebrate World Health Day.

The annual awareness-raising day designed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is this year focussing on diabetes, which Williams spelled incorrectly on the cake.

Williams explained, “What better way to bring awareness to rising incidences of diabetes than with a lovely cake?

“The icing has gone now, sorry but I ate it, but it said ‘Happy World Health Day – Let’s end diabeetees’.

“British celebrations always include cake, so why should we celebrate World Health Day without one?

“Birthday? Cake. You’re leaving? Cake. You have new baby? Cake. Dangerous levels of diabetes in society? Cake, obviously.”

Colleague Sharon Dudley told us, “It’s typical of Simon, there’s a reason his BMI matches his continental shoe size.

“This is just like when he celebrated World Book Day by bringing in the Die Hard trilogy on Blu-ray.

“Though to be fair, that was a fun afternoon.”