David Cameron appoints Sir John Chilcot to lead inquiry into family’s tax affairs

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David Cameron has said he will be completely transparent about his family’s tax affairs, after appointing Sir John Chilcot to head the effort in making them public.

With the prime minister under increasing pressure to reveal whether he or his immediate family has ever benefitted financially from the use of offshore tax havens, he has moved swiftly to allay any public concerns.

He told reporters, “If there’s one thing Sir John is renowned for, it’s bringing a swift resolution to matters that deeply interest the public, and I am confident this will be no different.

“Sir John will have full access to our complete tax history, and as soon as he has documented his findings they will be made available to you, the public.

“So let’s all just move on now, shall we?”

Sir John was asked about his new role, and admitted he was flattered to be asked.

He told us, “I’m glad my track record in delivering public investigations is so warmly regarded, and I am looking forward to getting started.

“I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations about publishing my findings, as there are literally several hours of work involved here.

“So why don’t we just say summer 2045 to be on the safe side?”