Cameron family tax affairs ‘morally wrong’, claims Jimmy Carr

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Comedian and taxpayer Jimmy Carr has said the tax avoidance techniques used by the Cameron family are ‘morally wrong’.

Carr, himself no stranger to offshore financial instruments, told reporters that although the prime minister’s family weren’t doing anything illegal, the steps they’d taken to avoid paying tax were at the very least ‘immoral’.

Carr told reporters, “It’s strange, because a few years ago the prime minister was quick to come out in public and criticise me about tax avoidance, but was seemingly unable to have that same conversation across the family dinner table.

“I can only think he was too embarrassed to talk to his relatives in the same critical terms he used with me.

“It must have been hell for him, having to just sit there listening to them talk about all the things they’d been doing with their lives, knowing full well that the money they were spending had been made thanks to offshore tax avoidance.

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“I bet he even tried to raise it once or twice, explaining it would make him look bad – especially with his public crusade against tax avoidance – but he was probably just shut down and called a wannabe-pleb.

“Dave is the victim here, just remember that.”