Leaning Tower of Pisa joke has been done, tourist told

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A British holiday maker has failed to impress with her visual gag photograph of the famous Italian landmark.

Kent gap year student Simone Williams has been shocked by the lukewarm response to photo of her apparently propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“I was enjoying the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Italy with some other gap students in the normal way.

“That is, I was making fun of the locals and throwing up Pino Grigio in the street.

“Then one of my friends suggested I take a really epic picture of the Tower. The forced perspective of the camera makes me look like a giant who is propping up the listing structure, when in fact I was stood several hundred metres away and am normal sized! Classic!

“I shrewdly posted the picture at about 4pm GMT, thereby avoiding the rush of people posting pictures of their evening meals back the UK. Despite this, the pic failed to generate a single Like for almost twelve hours. I was devastated.”

Italian tourism minster Alessandro Scalare commented, “People have been doing this daft visual joke since the invention of the camera in 1888 and it was funny for about five years.

“I mean, Pisa is a great place but literally every single tourist prick takes a picture like this; the place looks like a mime convention.”

Ms Williams continued, “I thought I had a truly unique and breathtaking photograph but it turned out to be just a backpacker cliche. It’s like the Machu Picchu incident all over again.”