Office wrestling fan wants to talk to you about Wrestlemania

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The wrestling fan in your office has cornered you in the kitchen.

Simon Williams, 29, spent six hours of his adult life watching the “contest” last night and has so far failed to engage anybody else in the office in conversation about it.

“They all had sudden phone calls to make” beamed Williams.

“Not YOU though, you’re free, right? Do you know who Triple H is? Probably not. You should check him out though, he’s a great worker. You’d probably enjoy his stuff even if you don’t like wrestling, which I’m guessing you don’t, do you? If you do then that’s awesome.”

Other colleague, Elizabeth King, said, “This happens every year. Hence my presence in the stationery cupboard.

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“He’ll spend the first ten minutes saying how this year’s Wrestlemania was the worst ever, then he’ll spend the next hour telling you how he would have done the show differently.

“Big talk from a man who can’t even work the photocopier properly.”