Adrian Edmondson to play ‘Darth Vyvyan’ in Star Wars VIII

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Young Ones Star Adrian Edmondson has been cast as ‘Darth Vyvyan’ in Star Wars episode VIII, according to reports this afternoon.

Edmondson is an unexpected addition to the cast, but producer JJ Abrams was so impressed by his depiction of a figure who had let the hatred flow through him and fallen to the dark side in The Young Ones that he leaped at the chance to cast him in the role.

Vyvyan’s trademark blend of psychology and extreme violence is expected to bring a new dynamic to the film franchise.

It is expected that his Sith outfit of metal studs in his forehead, Lightcricketbat and ‘Very Dark Side’ denim jacket will be the ‘must have’ Christmas gifts in 2017.

Star Wars and Young Ones fan Simon Williams told us that he would gladly sell his house and all its contents to see Edmondson in the role, describing it as a ‘dream come true’.

In a statement, producers told us “We’re particularly excited about plans for a scene where Darth Vyv calls Luke Skywalker a ‘dirty hippy’ and clocks him one before nicking his space-purse.

“That was met with cheers from a test audience of drunken middle-aged men.

“We’re hoping to include a digital recreation of Lemmy as a force ghost to act as his mentor, and to provide accompanying music to the fight scenes.”

When told this, Simon Williams said “I’ve died and gone to heaven.”