Absolutely everyone passing Facebook quiz that ‘only 4% of population can pass’

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Absolutely everyone is passing an online geography test that has appeared in your Facebook feed, claiming only 4% of the population is capable of passing it.

Literally, every single person who has wondered, “am I in that 4%?” has found that they are, in fact, part of that tiny majority.

Facebook user Mike Davis explained, “I only got a D in my GCSE Geography, and that was nearly fifteen years ago, so it was a nice surprise, to be honest – you know, to find out I’m actually better at Geography than 96% of the people out there.

“Especially when you consider that I guessed most of the answers and genuinely thought three of the places were made up.

“But at the end it told me I’m some sort of geography genius and asked me to share the quiz with all my Facebook friends – which I thought was the least I could do, seeing as it makes me look clever and with me being a benevolent genius and all that.”

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Non-moron Simon Williams said he doesn’t judge his intellectual aptitude based on online quizzes that only make money through ad revenue when people share them.

He told us, “If you need a page on a viral website to tell you you’re clever, then you’re probably not.

“Look, if you see a quiz on Facebook that insists only small percentage of people can actually pass, it’s best to just assume you can pass it and move along.

“That way I won’t think you’re an idiot.”