Coca-Cola posts trademark claim against ‘Hokey Cokey’

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Children will have to change their song name to the ‘Hokey Cola-ey’ or pay substantial royalties, according to a trademark claim submitted by the Coca Cola corporation today.

The company is seeking to maintain control of the trademarked term ‘Coke’ and believes it is under threat in the words to the popular children’s song.

Filing the claim in New York and London simultaneously, lawyers for the corporation described the use of the word ‘Cokey’  as a clear infringement of their trademark.

Noting that the Hokey Cokey involves putting in individual arms and legs, the company is seeking a payment of £1 per child or part thereof every time the song and dance is enacted.

“The Coca Cola Corporation has invested enormous sums in building the Coke brand and it is insufferable that anybody might derive enjoyment from anything even vaguely related, unless our clients get their cut,” said Simon Williams of legal firm Spurious & Halfcock.

“We’re not insisting the children stop enjoying singing and dancing, just that they pay us for the privilege.

“Failure to do so will result in writs being issued against parents and party organisers, which we will pursue to the full extent of the law.”

A permission form to sing the song is downloadable from the Coca-Cola website along with a pre-pay system where parents can indicate how many children they expect to enjoy themselves.

Children are being encouraged to report parents who fail to register use of the song, and will be rewarded with free Coke-branded products.

Pepsico have responded to the story by making it clear if anyone wants to sing ‘Hokey Pepsiy’ they’re welcome to go right ahead.