Second Chesney Hawkes discovered

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Famed for his ‘I am the one and Only’ 1991 number one hit, Chesney Hawkes has been rocked by news that a second Chesney Hawkes has been found.

“This has just turned my world upside down,” said Chesney, after being called by his name or number.

“For 25 years I’ve been going around telling everyone I was the one and only, so news that there is another Chesney Hawkes out there is mortifying.”

The new Chesney Hawkes was discovered working as a claims handler at Corber and Barkett insurance ltd in Tewksbury.

He has confirmed that he has no plans to enter the pop world.

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“No, I enjoy the security and comfort of claims handling, and Mr Corber always says that if I work hard then I could make team leader in a few years.”

Pop star Chesney admitted being troubled by this new Hawkes.

“Well, I’d always assumed that there’s no one I’d rather be,” he said, brow furrowed.

“But what if I’d rather be the other Chesney Hawkes? I mean, team leader? That sounds pretty sweet.

“It’s all very confusing, but I’ll try to walk with dignity and pride I suppose.”

It is unclear whether he intends to change the famous song to ‘I am one of the two one and onlys’.