Ronnie Corbett bids final goodnight from him

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Mourners for Ronnie Corbett have been told told lighting one candle is not enough; they’ll need four.

One of Britain’s finest and most popular comedians passed away surrounded by his family today and all anyone can talk about is how much he made them laugh, which is possibly the finest obituary it is possible to write.

Perhaps it’s best not to think of him dying, just going off on an extended tangent to the main story, or possibly answering the next question before it has been asked.  With any luck the Eternal Throne will turn out to be a hideously upholstered armchair, which would be hilarious.

Corbett was widely regarded as a giant of comedy; an irony that would have made him laugh, never mind everyone else.

Corbett made a career out of telling incredibly bad jokes and rambling anecdotes which, if presented by anyone else, would have fallen flat. However, his amiable, deadpan delivery loaded them with an unexpected warmth and humour.

As he once said himself, most of his jokes were so old they were found with the Dead Sea Scrolls – a joke so old it was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls, but it still got a huge laugh.

Fans of the comedian are asked to blow a raspberry at the Prime Minister in his memory.

With the deaths of so many fine entertainers this year, we can only assume there’s the best variety show ever being lined up in the afterlife.