New Freeview Atrocity channel dedicated to replaying natural disasters and terrorist attacks

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A new Freeview channel will launch this month dedicated to replaying footage of atrocities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

‘Atrocity NOW!’ is the brainchild of Simon Williams, the TV mogul best known for his controversial sexual harassment and horse mutilation channels.

“People don’t always have time to watch the live footage of an atrocity as it happens,” said Mr Williams.

“What ‘Atrocity NOW!’ will do is give them the chance to watch the atrocity when it’s more convenient to them.

“Or they may just want to extend those feelings of outrage, empathy and mild racism that accompany any atrocity by watching it again.

“I mean, I was out clubbing with beautiful ladies when the France attacks occurred. Next morning, I didn’t just want the edited highlights; I wanted to see the whole thing.

“That’s where ‘Atrocity NOW!’ comes in.”

Mr Williams revealed that there would also be an opportunity for the public to get involved.

“Yeah, we’ve got a half hour slot called ‘What would you do?’ Which gives the public the chance to say what they’d do to that ISIS if they got hold of them.

“Then there’s ‘Sadface’ in which we read out the most heartfelt and facile messages people post on Facebook – ‘Tonight, we’re all Pakistani (is that racist? LOL),’ ‘Remember, when you wash your hair, you wash it with the victims of the tsunami,’ and ‘tonight my waffles will taste of blood.’ – are some of the best from the first episode.”

Mr Williams is confident of success and already has plans to launch ‘Atrocity hilarity,’ – a wacky look at when atrocities go wrong, ‘Classic atrocity,’ featuring IRA bombings and footage of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and ‘Atrocity Premium,’ a paid-for subscription channel with extra blood and screaming.