Man with gold Bentley learns lesson after £80 parking ticket

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A Saudi national caught parking his gold-plated Bentley in the wrong place in Kensington has said he’s learned his lesson after receiving an £80 fixed penalty.

As photographs appeared on social media of the tickets stuck to the car’s front window, the owner has come forward to apologise for his error in judgement.

Preferring to remain nameless the Saudi multi-millionaire explained, “It was a shock to get a parking ticket, definitely.

“I hadn’t realised there were consequences to my actions, and I can only thank the authorities for bringing this to my attention. I will no doubt become a much better person for it.

“You know, the fine actually goes up to £120 if I don’t pay within 14 days, it says it right there in the small print.

“You people really don’t mess around when it comes to the justice system, do you?”