Donald Trump pledges to spank women who get an abortion

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A visibly agitated Donald Trump has announced that women who get abortions are ‘very naughty’ and he’d give them a good spanking given half a chance.

Rubbing his thighs, Trump went on to describe in disconcerting detail the nature of the spanking he would inflict; starting slowly to develop sensitivity in the skin before working up to a firm slap with the open palm.

He than paused to wipe beads of sweat from his upper lip before going into greater detail which we will not reproduce here for reasons of taste.

The interviewer then tried to get the conversation back to Roe vs Wade and the possible illegality of abortion, but Trump was not to be deflected from his point about how he would chastise the ‘firm, quivering buttocks’ of those naughty, naughty girls.

“I’m just saying that I , er, ah, think there should be some sort of punishment for, uh, that sort thing”, he said with one hand in his pocket.

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“In especially serious cases, I might have to use a hairbrush or similar convenient household item, just to make sure they really learn their lesson. On their bare bottom,” he stressed unnecessarily.

“They’ve got to learn that they’re bad. Very bad. Bad.” He added, dreamily.

When asked if he would enjoy carrying out the spankings, Trump licked his lips several times before denying that he would enjoy carrying out the punishment but one has to carry out these duties – sometimes for hours every day – when President.

Trump then ended the interview, saying that he needed to urgently visit the bathroom.