‘Bloody do-gooder’ desperately confused as to why this is a bad thing

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Someone trying to do good has been left confused after his intentions were used as an insult online.

Simon Williams expressed sympathy for the plight of immigrants fleeing Syria, offering the opinion that maybe the UK could take a few more in to alleviate some of the suffering.

However, Williams was repeatedly called a ‘bloody do-gooder’ by people who seem to think doing good is a bad thing.

Williams told us, “They seem to be of the opinion that being a ‘good’ person is a ‘bad’ thing, at least from what I can tell.

“It’s strange, because the more horrible you are to your fellow human beings, the more they seem to like it.

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“As a test, I wrote ‘send em all back where they came from!’ and it got 253 likes in eleven minutes.

“If the comment thread is anything to go by its looking like the human race is now chock-full of arseholes who seem to revel in the misery of others simply because their own life isn’t perfect.”

However, Williams’ stance was criticised online by Internet user Gary Watkins.

He wrote, “You bloody do-gooder, acting like doing good things is a good thing.

“You probably want the Muslims to be treated like human beings and be given food and shelter.

“I bet you hate England and want all white people dead.  Yes, you do, shut up!”