Why have you never hijacked a plane to see me, ask girlfriends

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Girlfriends across the country have questioned their boyfriend’s commitment by asking why they’ve never hijacked a plane in order to see them.

With Seif Eldin Mustafa having hijacked a EgyptAir flight in order to see his estranged wife, girlfriends everywhere have compared that gesture to the daffodils you bought in the petrol station on her birthday.

Sharon Matthews told us, “My boyfriend Dave would rather stay in and binge-watch Daredevil season two on Netflix than walk the fifteen minutes to my house to make me a romantic dinner, so I don’t see him making a gesture as loving as hijacking a plane.”

“I can only hope that one day I meet a man who would do for me what Seif Eldin Mustafa has done for his, admittedly estranged, wife.

“Dave really needs to up his game, or he’s getting the boot.”

Men have insisted that Mr Mustafa is giving male partners everywhere a really bad name.

Simon Williams told us, “This is bloody typical, there’s always one prick who sends two dozen red roses to his girlfriend’s office on Valentine’s Day, just to make the rest of us look bad, and now this?

“How do I compete with a hijacked plane? Those two tickets to see that thing she likes now look pretty pathetic in comparison.

“Maybe I could drive her there in a stolen police car?”