Touchingly optimistic woman asks husband to remember they’re doing something in May

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A charmingly optimistic woman has asked her husband to remember they’ll be doing something on the weekend of the 12th of May in the apparently sincere belief he won’t forget all about it.

Simone Williams has told her husband Simon they’ll be seeing some of her old friends that weekend in the earnest conviction that he won’t immediately dismiss it from his mind, bless her.

She went on to suggest he wrote it in the diary she got him for Christmas to help keep track of these things, apparently genuinely confident that this might actually happen.

Eyewitnesses at the scene told how Simon glanced up briefly from his iPad whilst his wife was speaking, and grunted in acknowledgement.

When accused of ‘not listening’, he recited perfectly the last six words his wife had spoken, because that’s all you need to remember at any time in case of a sudden test.

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He then instantly forgot them.

When asked, Simone said she was really looking forward to seeing her old friends and is pleased Simon is too.

“It’s nice he’s taking an interest in doing things together”, she told us.

“Not like last time when I told him about something three months in advance and he promptly forgot all about it and arranged to go to the rugby with his friends.

“Still, we talked and he promised that wouldn’t happen again.”

When asked, Simon said he couldn’t remember that conversation either.