National Express unveils new ‘bullet’ coach

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National Express are to unveil a high-speed link that could see its coaches travel from Leeds to London in as little as 36 hours.

The new limited stop service will leave Leeds on Thursday mornings and arrive at London Victoria just a day and a half later, travelling via Harrogate, York, Sunderland, Retford, Norwich, Lowestoft, Herne Bay, Dover, Hastings, Worthing, Brighton, Croydon and 28 other towns.

“This shaves nearly five hours off our previous record,” said National Express Group CEO, Simon Williams.

“Customer feedback told us journeys could be a little drawn out – that’s why the ‘bullet’ now has a top speed of 41 mph and only stops twice in Grantham.”

Other features of the luxury service include an on-board toilet designed for travelers who are small enough to climb through a cat flap and an app that counts down the 2,160 minutes until you arrive in the capital.

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“National Express continues to fly the flag for high speed commuting in the modern world,” added Mr Williams.

“We won’t be satisfied until we’ve brought this journey down to under 24 hours – and that could happen as soon as 2022.

“Anything from the snack trolley?”