Jumper dilemma for woman as week of inbetweeny weather hits

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A Maidstone woman is expected to spend the coming week deciding whether or not to take a jumper when she goes out as inbetweeny weather sweeps Britain.

“The thing is, I don’t want to be too hot,” said Eleanor Gay earlier this morning

“But the problem is if the sun goes in, then it could get really chilly. So I’m just not sure.”

The inbetweeny weather which will make it seem both not too hot and not too cold is expected to last until at least the weekend.

“Perhaps I should just wear a thin jacket,” continued Ms Gay, by this point nearly twenty minutes late for work.

“No, because if it rains then I’ll get soaked. I’ve got my brolly but if it’s windy, then that’s no good.”

The inbetweeny weather is expected to cost Britain millions pounds in lost productivity as women across the country are crippled by a similar dilemma as Ms Gay and, unable to decide if they need a jumper or not, arrive for work late, or in some cases, not at all.

Ms Gay’s boyfriend was contacted for help, but proved sadly inadequate.

“I don’t know, wear what you like,” said Simon Williams, on the phone from his office at Taylor and Lebon Solutions.

But Ms Gay was unable to wear what she liked, as she liked her blue cardigan which ‘wouldn’t be warm enough if the sun goes in.’

Women across the country are expected to spend every morning this week paralysed with indecision before putting on their big coat and feeling ‘all hot’ for the rest of the day.