Anger as marriage guidance counsellors fail to condemn EgyptAir hijacker

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Marriage guidance counsellors have come under fire over their widespread failure to condemn a man who hijacked a plane in order to talk to his estranged wife.

With single and happily married people united in their condemnation of the hijacking, many are asking why are marriage guidance counsellors and couples in turbulent relationships remaining silent.

“Why are they not marching through the streets and denouncing this act of terrorism?” asked married father of three Simon Williams.

“I saw a poll recently that said one in five marriage guidance counsellors have sympathy for couples experiencing relationship problems, but I think it’s probably more.”

Marriage guidance counsellors have hit back at the accusations and insisted that they shouldn’t have to apologise.

“As a practising marriage guidance counsellor, I am committed to helping warring couples manage or reconcile their differences.

“If we have to apologise for this hijacking then why didn’t happy couples apologise for Fred and Rose West?”