Man pleased with himself for putting a Pakistan flag on his Facebook profile picture

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Chelmsford man Simon Williams has let everyone know how pleased he is with himself for superimposing a Pakistan flag on his profile picture in tribute to the victims of the Lahore suicide bombing.

“As far as I can tell, I’m the only one of my friends who has actually changed their profile picture,” said Mr Williams yesterday.

“I just think it’s important to do this so that everyone can see what a very sensitive and caring person I am.”

Mr Williams’ response to the tragedy didn’t end there, he also posted a picture of a sad Minion holding a Pakistan flag with ‘Lahore’ written over the Minion’s head.

“I actually spelt it ‘Lahorre’ which was a bit annoying because it meant I had to do it again, but again, I think that just shows the sort of person I am.”

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Mr Williams’ friends were all terribly impressed.

“Yeah, I saw he’d done that,” said old school friend Eleanor Gay.

“Then I saw that post he made pointing out to everyone that he’d done it, and then the post saying that he ‘weeps for all tragedies, not just the ones in Europe,’ then the post saying that he had a copy of the Pakistan flag if anyone wanted to put it on their profile picture, then a post about how if anyone wanted to make his minion picture to go viral he wouldn’t mind but just use the one that was spelt correctly.”

“I bet Bob Geldof’s shitting himself.”

Mr Williams is currently considering whether to donate any money to the victims of the tragedy.