Bananaman vs Supergran breaks box office records

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CBBC blockbuster Bananaman vs Supergran has broken box-office records in its first weekend of release.

The film, which matches up two of Britain’s biggest superheroes for the first time, was slated by critics who pointed out that in flying scenes Supergran was obviously on wires and Bananaman was ‘clearly animated’.

However, fans were undeterred by poor reviews and have flocked to cinemas, with audiences reacting with cheers to the ‘reveal’ of Dangermouse in the film’s climatic scene where the heroes battle a gigantic spotty man.

The plot of the film was a closely-guarded secret during production, but revolves around General Blight and the Scunner Campbell discovering Bananaman’s secret identity and joining forces to disrupt imports from the Banana Republic to weaken his powers.

A sequel with more heroes including Superted and the Big Knights is already in the works.

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The success of the film also means other, riskier projects have been greenlit including a ‘dramatic and terrifying’ 18-rated vision of Count Duckula by horror maven Rob Zombie.

“House of 1,000 Ducks” is set for a 2018 release, with a sequel “Living Dead Duck” a year later.

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