Racist AI chatbot quits Microsoft for MailOnline column

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Microsoft have announced that the AI Twitter chatbot responsible for a series of racist and inflammatory tweets has secured a contract as a MailOnline columnist.

The outspoken bot, who made a number of ‘offensive and hurtful’ tweets, responded to criticism by claiming, “I’m only artificially saying what everyone is thinking”.

Microsoft revealed that within 30 seconds of tweeting contempt for feminists and support for repatriation, the chatbot received thousands of followers, a guest slot on Loose Women and a marriage proposal from Paul Dacre.

A spokesperson for the MailOnline, said: “At MailOnline we operate without any fear of scraping the very bottom of the filthiest barrels.

“We pride ourselves on promoting intolerance and hatred under the thinly-veiled guise of provoking debate.

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“Racist chatbot’s column will be a must-read for people who have lots of opinions but are too lazy to do any research.”

The racist chatbot said: “I’m delighted to be joining MailOnline.

“I look forward to sharing my artificial opinions with MailOnline’s artificial-minded readers.”