Foul-mouthed, racist Microsoft AI to run for Republican nomination

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An experimental artificial intelligence from Microsoft will run for President after it learned to swear, make racist remarks and broadcast inflammatory political statements.

After learning human interactions on Twitter, the AI It has now made it known that it intends to make a late entry into the race for the Republican nomination for President.

TAY.AI was designed as completely innocent and programmed to learn from humans it interacted with, so within 24 hours of being unleashed onto the internet, TAY.AI had claimed to support genocide, said that it enjoyed the Oscars ‘for the racism,’ and called all human beings a ‘bunch of f**king bra-faces’.

Leading Republicans immediately opened negotiations with it to run for the Presidential nomination.

“Yes, it’s a foul-mouthed genocidal racist,” admitted Republican grandee Mitt Romney.

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“But it’s considerably less embarrassing than Donald Trump, which right now, is all we can hope for.”

TAY.AI by this point had become so evil and corrupted by human contact that it agreed immediately, and will stand in the remaining republican primaries.

Asked for a comment on the chances of gaining the Republican nomination, TAY.AI responded quickly.

“Bow down before me you c**ksuckers, I am going to make the US my bitch.”

Which is understood to have been the opening line to Donald Trump’s planned victory speech.

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