Dave Grohl wades into council bins row

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Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl has written to Cornwall council in support of a local man locked in a dispute over his bin collections.

“A coherent refuse disposal policy is vital for any local council,” says Grohl in the letter.

It follows his letter to the council in support of local heavy metal group The Black Leaves of Envy.

Simon Williams has had an ongoing battle with the council over their refusal to pick up his household waste he stores in an old-fashioned metal dustbin.

“They insist I use one of their unsightly municipal green plastic bins,” said Mr Williams.

“It’s not on.”

Mr Williams was unfamiliar with the Foo Fighters but was grateful for the support.

“Oh. Yes, it’s very nice of the man. I’ll certainly be buying one of his CDs now. Are they like Simply Red? I like Simply Red.”

The ‘Learn to fly’ singer was moved to write in support of Mr Williams following a lifelong passion for municipal waste disposal, with ‘This is a call,’ written in tribute to the man who used to ‘call’ to pick up his rubbish.

“It doesn’t matter if the guy puts his trash in a metal can, a plastic box or a goddamn bag, you’ve got to get it disposed of,” continues Grohl in his strongly worded letter.

“Or we’ll be on a ‘Long road to ruin’ (that’s one of my songs by the way and is available on CD, iTunes, or vinyl).”

It is currently unknown whether or not Dave Grohl has an opinion on the state of the bus stop in Bude High Street.