Man without Belgian flag Facebook profile picture ‘probably ISIS sympathiser’

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38 year-old accountant Simon Williams is probably an ISIS sympathiser after friends noted he has yet to change his profile pic to that of a Belgian flag.

Friends of Williams claim that despite having 24 hours in which to update his profile picture to show his support for the victims of the Belgian attacks, he has staunchly remained anti-Belgian flag.

One of Williams’ colleagues told us, “At this stage we haven’t been able to determine if his refusal to support the Belgian victims is because he hates Belgian people, or because he loves ISIS – but it can only be one of those reasons, nothing else.

“If you want to defeat ISIS, change you profile picture – it is the only way to beat them.

“Why he would be so brazen about his decision not to have the Belgian flag on his profile picture, I have no idea – but then again how are we supposed to understand the mind of these terrorist types?

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“I know that the whole Da’esh / ISIS situation is a complicated one, with nuances and details most people don’t understand, but clearly if you don’t do the same as me then you don’t care about ISIS killing people and want them to win.”

We approached Williams for an explanation of his Facebook profile picture and why he is apparently supporting Da’esh.

He told us, “I’ve been a bit busy at work, Jesus.”