‘Too Soon’ not a valid criticism of topical satire

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An insufficient lapse of time isn’t really worthy of note when it comes to topical comedy, a study has found.

With the phrase “too soon” proving particularly popular amongst Internet users without the time to think properly, satire sites have come under some pressure to wait at least six months before making whimsy from any aspect of any vaguely hard-hitting news story.

“We tried that once,” said satirist, Simon Williams.

“Last week we did a satire piece about the July 7th bombings and the prevailing social impacts arising from it.

“But that happened nine years ago, so it had lost a lot of the bite, to be honest.

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“I think that what we’ve learned is that topical satire has to be, y’know, topical. Otherwise it just looks like we’ve been asleep for six months, which is funny really as most of us are hand-wringing liberal types who rarely sleep due to worrying about that Union Jack our neighbours have hung in their window.”

Internet user, Elizabeth King, said “I was going to comment ‘too soon’ on a satire story about the Brussels bombing.

“But then I realised that the piece wasn’t actually mocking the victims of the Brussels bombing at all and I might look like I hadn’t understood the article properly, or that I hadn’t even read it.”