Prince to release memoirs entitled ‘Everyone I’ve done it with’

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Pop star Prince has revealed his memoir will just be a massive list of every woman he’s been involved with and the physical details of their relationship together.

Prince announced that he is currently working on his memoirs, and that they are set for release later this year.

“I’ve been out with loads of sexy ladies,” said the Purple Rain star on stage at an intimate New York club show on Sunday.

“And I really mean ‘loads’, so I want to list them all in a big book and write about how far I got with all of them, from just touching their boobs to actually going the whole way and doing full sex.”

It is expected that every chapter in the book will contain the phrase – ‘and it was then she realised that I wasn’t small in every department’.

Fans can expect details of artist formally known as the artist formally known as Prince’s liaisons with Sheena Eastern, Sheila E, Sheila Hancock, Easy E, the one from the Bangles, the other one from the Bangles, and the woman who ran the sweet shop next door to where he grew up.

After the announcement he continued his concert with a twelve-minute Level 42-esque ‘funk’ song from the late nineties about doing it with a lady while the audience pleaded for him to do Raspberry Beret.