Twitter reminding everyone of its birthday like a sociopathic narcissist

author avatar by 8 years ago

Twitter is repeatedly telling everyone that today is its birthday at every possible opportunity, as if that is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Twitter turns 1o today, and is absolutely hell-bent on ensuring everyone knows about it.

Twitterer Simon Williams told us, “Twitter reminded me it was its birthday via email this morning, then I had a notification in my app reminding me it was its birthday, and then again when I logged in online I was reminded that it was its birthday.”

“It’s text book narcissism. All ‘me, me me me me’. You know who else has a birthday today? Adrian Chiles – but you don’t hear him banging on about it, do you?

“It feels a bit like that needy kid at school that demanded to be the centre of attention to celebrate some arbitrary date that came from his parents’ apparently successful copulation.

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“I know a few birthdays; parents, siblings, wife, children – and even some of those I forget every now and again.

“What I don’t care about is the birthday of a multinational software company, run by millionaires who – judging by their recent product announcements – couldn’t give two shits about me or my opinions.

“No, I didn’t get them a bloody card.”