Starving refugees support calls for Djokovic pay rise

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Refugees on the Macedonian border have insisted Novak Djokovic should be paid even more for hitting a little furry ball with a racket.

The gifted Serb drew attention to the crisis in world tennis by revealing men are paid far too little for knocking a small projectile over a net onto a piece of ground with lines on it.

In addition, men like Djokovic are forced to run around a lot in sweltering conditions to score as many point as their opponents.

Refugee and dysentery sufferer, Ibrahim Melic, said, “It’s not as if they like doing it. It’s done for our pleasure only.

“When he gets angry and shouts at the umpire, my heart and those of my starving dying children go out to him.

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“He should at least get the Living Wage. As it is, we’re organising a whip-wound for him.”

The remarks will come as a boost to Djokovic, who has been previously criticised for constantly beating the poverty-stricken, Scottish tennis player Andy Murray.

Djokovic has been rightly angered by reports that weaker female players receive nearly as much as men, especially when most of them still serve underarm.

Some fear that stars like Djokovic may be forced into male prostitution or doing commercials for Lucozade Sport, which is much the same.

Melic added, “Tim Henman – great player, but I wouldn’t want to f*ck him.”