New online poll could see George Osborne renamed Cunty McCuntface

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A new poll could see Chancellor George Osborne renamed Cunty McCuntface after it was hijacked by mischievous members of the public.

With over 500,000 people having declared their preference for Cunty McCuntface in the poll, it seems inevitable that the Chancellor will be renamed.

The man behind the poll, Simon Williams said he welcomed the public getting involved.

He told us, “Naming a chancellor can be pretty boring. They’re always called things like George, or Gordon, or Alistair.  So we’re grateful people have decided to get into the spirit of it.

“In second place is Gidiot Arseborne, but that only has a couple of hundred votes, so it’s looking likely he’ll be Cunty McCuntface from the naming ceremony onwards.

“Oh, and the queue for people wanting to smash a bottle of champagne off his face already goes round the block, sorry.”