Iain Duncan Smith launches leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn

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Iain Duncan Smith has announced his intention to stand against Jeremy Corbyn as he’s doing a far better job as leader of the opposition.

Smith, who has done more damage to the government in an afternoon than Corbyn has managed in almost a year, is regarded as a strong candidate to take over the leadership of the Labour party, which isn’t saying much.

Smith staged a dramatic and principled intervention against government policy over the weekend and caused a u-turn, which is far more than Jeremy Corbyn has managed thus far.

It is believed David Blunkett’s dog is also expected to mount a strong and popular challenge against Corbyn and when asked said “Woof, woof”, which observers agreed was a more credible position on Trident than that of the current leadership.

In response to the challenge, Corbyn said something in a reedy and piping tone that the eight people who still read The Independent regard as genius and everyone else ignored.

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Speaking for the Labour Party, spokesman Simon Williams admitted it was unusual for a member of the Conservatives to stand for their leadership but it’s not like they’re particularly picky these days.

“Ever since we changed our membership rules to ‘We’ll take anyone’ I don’t think we can complain”, he said.

“Although I’ve got to admit I expect fewer members of the Conservative party will vote for Iain Duncan Smith to be Labour leader than did for Jeremy Corbyn.

“They’d be afraid he might actually win something.”