Best place to live in Britain named as ‘Buckingham Palace’

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The best place to live in the entire country is a massive palace in the middle of the capital, according to a new survey.

The historic palace was called “practically perfect” by the Sunday Times Best Places To Live guide.

Editor Amy Matthews said: “Buckingham Palace thoroughly deserves its status as the best place to live in Britain.

“It offers a tasty slice of authentic history, with great transport links and a servant in pretty much every one of its 775 rooms.

“It’s so much better than your 2-bed semi in a town that used to be much nicer twenty years ago.

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“It also has the added advantage of some strange old laws which actually pay you millions of pounds when you live there – we’ve not found anywhere like it.

“Honestly, if you ever get the chance to live in Buckingham Palace, I would highly recommend it.”

Slough resident Simon Williams said he enjoyed reading about all the places where he could never afford to live.

He told us, “It’s aspirational, isn’t it? You know, looking at all these nice places to live, whilst you’re in a house you hate and you’re sat on a 15-year-old sofa that literally molds to the shape of your arse.

“Maybe one day, eh?”