Repeal of ‘tampon tax’ would enable women to afford rock-climbing and rollerblading

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The repeal of the so-called ‘tampon tax’ would let women afford to go horse-riding and rock-climbing according to reports today.

The EU-mandated tax is being challenged by the government who hope that women will be able to afford to be pulled along by half a dozen happy dogs whilst rollerblading, just like in the adverts.

They will also be able to afford all the Bon Jovi albums to dance to that they could possibly want.

The government has taken steps after noticing how few women actually play tennis, use power tools or go parachuting during ‘shark week’.

“Our objective is for women to work and play during their time of the month,” said government spokesman Simon Williams before bursting into song.

“Whoooaaa, tax freeeee,

“Tax-fhreeeh for yhoooouh!”

However, some critics are not impressed by the move.

“It’s just the government cutting taxes for bloody c***ts again,” we were told.