Ben Nevis accused of standing on ‘tippy toes’

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Ben Nevis has been accused of standing on tippy toes after it looked a bit taller in its latest photograph.

After appearing to be a whole metre taller in a new image, experts insisted that mountains don’t just get taller overnight.

Amateur geologist Simon Williams told us, “Sure, some people have put it down to more accurate GPS measurements, but frankly I think Ben has just gone up onto his toes to look a tiny bit taller.

“It’s a pretty common trick for people who are concerned about their height, they all do it you know.

“Tom Cruise has calf muscles like rock, I heard that from someone who saw him at the gym.

“I reckon if you went back and took another picture of Ben Nevis when it wasn’t looking, it would probably be a metre shorter again.

“Vain bastard.”