‘You’re going to miss him…a lot’ as Paul Daniels passes away

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TV Magician Paul Daniels has staged his last great disappearing trick today.

The popular wizard rose to fame by performing acts of prestidigitation on national  television whilst always admitting they were tricks rather than claiming any supernatural ability, although some suggested that only incredible powers of mind control could have netted him Debbie McGee.

Unlike contemporary magicians, Daniels was happy to perform remarkable feats to close up camera rather than just standing in a box for a week, and his act often featured fundamentally creepy performances tempered with a skillful lightness of touch.

His last, and probably best, trick was to face death with a smile and dignity.

The BBC is reported to be ambivalent about the news as although the death is a great loss to entertainment, at least they’ve got some repeats from the 1970s they can actually show this time.

Mediums and spiritualists have offered to contact Daniels in the great beyond but have been generally ignored as, as he so often showed, their claims are a load of old pony.

In a statement, fans of the magician said “Now that’s tragic.”