Prince George turns 18 in lizard years

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Prince George has today celebrated 18th birthday in lizard years.

Reaching maturity in their traditional lizard form is a huge milestone in the royal family, and has seen many senior royals gather to celebrate with the young prince.

Close members of his immediate family gathered to watch the young prince swallow his first live chicken – a coming of age ceremony that has been passed down through the ages.

Proud parents William and Catherine are said to be delighted by the young prince who, has taken to hiding his reptilian self in public like a duck to water.

A royal insider explained, “The party went brilliantly, with many of the senior members gorging themselves on delicacies such as whole guinea pigs and other small rodents.

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“It’s so rare they get to let their hair down, or ‘skin off’ as they prefer to call it.

“As always Philip had to take it a step too far and ended up eating a couple of the staff after chasing them around the palace for a couple of hours.

“But apart from that it was all fine, and everyone will be back to normal ‘skin-on’ royal duties tomorrow.”