Hidden rooms in Tutenkhamun’s tomb contain en-suite bathroom, say estate agents

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A pair of hidden rooms discovered in the tomb of Tutenkhamun contain an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe, according to a Kensington firm of estate agents.

The tomb is being offered for a quick sale today by agents Williams & Williams, although it is not certain if anyone has told the Egyptian government yet.

The rooms, which have been located by high-frequency scans of the walls, transform the otherwise dowdy and small tomb into an attractive living space which just needs a bit of work and interested parties are encouraged to put down a deposit straight away.

According to the agents, the boy-Pharoah – who died in 1323bc –  had an ornate shower cubicle carved of purest lapis lazuli installed in readiness for his trip to the afterlife, alongside an alabaster bathtub and bidet cast in fine faience workmanship, making the place ready to move in.

“This is a fast-moving market and the Valley of the Kings is very conveniently situated for commuting to and from London,” said shiny-suited agent Simon Williams.

“It’s a prestigious and bustling location, with neighbours including many former world leaders and senior figures of state, with a great climate and plenty of coming and going all day.”

“No, we haven’t told the current owners that we’re offering it for sale, but when they see the great offers we’ve got coming in we’re sure they’ll be keen to complete as soon as possible,” he added, as casually as possible.