No one impressed any more when IT guy says ‘the Cloud’

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The IT industry has been rocked by a new study that claims that just saying ‘the Cloud’ over and over isn’t impressing anyone.

“We interviewed over three thousand people,” said study organiser and Professor of tedious things Simon Williams

“We had an actor not wash and put on some glasses to give the impression of a credible IT guy and had him speak for five minutes about how brilliant the Cloud was.

“Only 9% of participants were visibly impressed, 59% immediately fell asleep, 29% became aggressive.

“And 3% made jokes about actual clouds so naturally we punched them all squarely in the face and sent them on their way.”

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The survey has sent shockwaves through the industry.

“It’s terrible news,” said Anthony Hadley of Hadley and Kemp Solutions.

“The vast majority of our income comes from going into businesses and talking at length to dull-witted manager types about how brilliant the Cloud is.

“That’s pretty much what the IT industry is nowadays.”

Feeling amongst the public seemed to chime with the survey.

“Yeah, the Cloud just isn’t that cool anymore,” said claims processor Eleanor Gay.

“I mean, time was I’d listen to our IT guy go on about the Cloud for ages, even if his breath could peel wallpaper, but really it’s just an always-on shared network of servers in an off-site data-centre.


The IT industry is expected to bounce back from this setback, probably by going on about ‘The Internet of Things’ instead.