Leeds proposes ‘Trump-style wall’ to keep Mancs out

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Yorkshire is united today following news that the government plans to announce investment in improving transport links across the Pennines in today’s Budget.

More than 7 million people from the North West could soon be descending on Yorkshire, due to the expected announcement that the Chancellor is planning a multi-billion pounds investment in HS3 and the widening of the M62 motorway.

It’s understood that the chancellor is excited about the first modernisation of Northern railways since the Victorian times through electrification, despite initial concerns that “electricity wasn’t widely available up there”.

He told reporters, “It’s a great idea and a small price to pay. If we can keep them travelling sideways from Manchester to Leeds and back, we won’t have to worry about them coming down here, working, and sending money back to places like Brighouse.”

Many people living in Yorkshire are less excited about the plans; with many of them believing the Northern Powerhouse is actually Elland Road, home to Leeds United.

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Leeds resident Simon Williams, told us, “We don’t want to share the Powerhouse with the Mancs.

“We all want the Powerhouse to be generating some power at some point, but for our own, why do you think so many of us still go there on a Saturday? The football?!”

A spokesperson for Manchester Council told us, “Whatever, man.”