Hipster planning to vote Trump in postmodern and ironic way

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A hipster is planning to vote for Donald Trump as an ironic and postmodern comment on democracy, he has decided today.

Hipster Simon Williams of Portland, Oregon, has decided that voting Trump will make an excellent piece of performance art and be a powerful commentary on the alienation inherent in modern democracy.

He will record his vote and post it to his accounts on Instagram and YouTube to ensure the world is aware of his dedication to highlighting the light of the disenfranchised.

“Voting Trump will be a powerful artistic statement and also ironically entertaining”, he told friends.

“I’ll be cocking a snook at the received wisdom of contemporary society in the same way my 50s’-style beard and tattoos subvert fashion,” he added.

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“Hey, did you catch me say ‘cock a snook’? Pretty retro use of language, yeah?”

Suggestions that voting for Trump might actually lead to him being elected have fallen on deaf ears.

“I think my right to make an ironic artistic statement trumps – get it? – other people’s actual lives,” he said whilst sniffing a pinch of snuff.