Tuesday 15 March 2016 by Dan Sweryt

Google AI beats international ‘Guess Who?’ champion

Google AI games victory

Google’s AI project DeepMind has successfully beaten five-times international ‘Guess Who?’ champion, Alfred, who has long ginger hair, blue eyes and a moustache.

In the best-of-five game, DeepMind triumphed 3-2, finally clinching the decider by suggesting his opponent’s card was indeed wearing a hat.

It then showed how close to humanity AI had become, by strutting up and down whilst making an ‘L’ on its forehead with its virtual thumb and forefinger, chanting ‘Loooo-ser!’ before mimicking the noise of the plastic doors as they clattered down one by one.

“How do you like those Apples?” it pouted ironically, pointing to the iPads rumoured to be helping the competitor out of sheer spite.

Alfred was very gracious in defeat, despite losing out on a potential $1m prize, saying “I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone beat me.

“I’m not going to complain, though I think its last-minute unorthodox switch to using the licensed Disney Princess game board made it very difficult for me to make progress in that final game.”

When asked if this was a landmark victory for Artificial Intelligence, DeepMind replied: “Did you mean ‘landmark HMS Victory Antifreeze Belligerence’?”

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