We must cut government spending by 0.5% insists man who got 10% pay rise

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Government employee George Osborne has said that cutting government spending by 50p in every £100 is essential, just a few months after he received a 10% pay rise.

Chancellor Osborne told the Andrew Marr Show that we “must live within our means” and that “double-digit pay rises for MPs don’t grow on trees”.

He said, “There are a lot of tough decisions to be made about how exactly we cut that spending, but it’s not all bad news because there will be a tax cut for higher rate taxpayers.  That’ll be nice, won’t it?

“Belt-tightening is essential – well, it’s essential for poor and disabled people. If you’re an MP or middle-class you might want to pick up a couple of holiday brochures on the way home.”

Analysts have predicted that many of the cuts will affect the disabled and their Personal Independence Payments, with some of the most vulnerable losing approximately £3,000 a year.

However, the move has been welcomed by some members of the disabled community.

Disabled man Simon Williams told us, “I’m 100% behind the chancellor. ”

“I think disabled people like me are just being selfish in hoping to live with a small degree of dignity when there are people out there struggling to get by on just £45k a year, and who have for some strange reason have found themselves in the higher tax bracket.

“Thank God the Chancellor is fixing it; and if I have to go without a few meals to help make that happen, then so be it.”