Top Gear wankers plan Auschwitz special

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After driving his car into the Cenotaph, Top Gear wanker Matt le Blanc has set his sights on the Nazi gas chambers.

The new series of Top Gear has broken new ground with occasional light racism ditched in favour of stunts aimed at the war dead.

And the former death camp boasts some optimal driving conditions, with long narrow stretches between the huts offering ample opportunity for acceleration.

LeBlanc said, “One of the main criticisms of Auschwitz was that there was nowhere to park, that’s why everyone went by train.”

Meanwhile the one-time Friends actor was shocked to find his popularity ratings have fallen below those of ex Top Gear bellend Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond.

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Co-star Chris Evans “It’s really apt that we’re using former Third Reich territory to test drive the latest Volkswagen.”

However a sequence in which celebrities are invited to set the fastest time between Dachau and Belsen has been branded “insensitive”.

Le Blanc continued, “You guys are gonna love Jewish star in a reasonably priced car.”

He added, “How ya doin?”

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